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Find a Home for those Homeless Icons

Get those adorable Icons adopted!

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donate or find icons to adopt
These rules are subject to change as the community is under new management.


This is not a request community. Requests are not allowed in the main posts here.

If you do wish to ask a specific icon maker to fill a request for you, you may contact them through the comments on one of their posts.

A minimum of 2 icons required per post. If you have color bars, backgrounds, wallpapers, etc...you are welcome to post them as long as you
-follow all the guidlines for posting (no porn, etc)
-keep to the 3 icon minimum per post
-put all non-icon artwork behind a cut

As an Icon Sharer I agree to the following rules to be able to post here:
1. I will only post icons that I made. (NO STOLEN ICONS ALLOWED! NO EXCEPTIONS)
2. I will post at least 3 icons in each post I make to adopt_me.
3. If I wish to post more than 4 icons in a post, I will post the rest behind an LJ cut on the entry to adopt_me. I will not link to another community/journal for the rest.
4. If I choose to post icons that contain nudity or any other questionable content (language or themes) I will post them behind an LJ cut and label the entry so others can make their own choice to view them or not. (Extreme violence and porn will not be allowed, No racially derogatory icons allowed)
5. I will make sure that a list of my resources (where I find my images, brushes, etc) is available on my own journal or list the information in my icon post.
6. I will not post links to private/locked groups or personal journals to try to gain more views of my icons and artwork.

As an Icon Adopter I agree to the following rules to be able to join and use icons that are shared here:
1. I will credit the maker of any icon I take in the keywords when I use the icon. Unless the maker posts otherwise.
2. I will save the icon to my computer and not hotlink when I use.
3. I will comment when I adopt an icon - we all like to know our icons are loved

This community was originally created for the simple fact to give homeless icons a nice home. If you have Icons, that you'd like to see being used, or your looking for icons that aren't used by other users, feel free to join. :)

This community is not a request community.
If you're looking for requests, check one of the following communities.
1. mc_icons
2. iconrequests
3. _requestline_
4. _____request

This community is not for advertising your personal Icon journals,or new created communities.
If you want to advertise something, we suggest you check one of these communities instead.
1. ads
2. directorylj
3. ljcommunities
4. advertise_links
5. shameless_plugs

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